Updated : Mar 26, 2020 in Education

All You Wanted to Know About a Whiteboard

A whiteboard is called a marker board a dry board or a dry erase have grown in popularity through the years and it has replaced the chalkboards in schools, colleges, offices and meeting rooms, now. In reality in many of the offices the whiteboards have become a fixture that was useful which individuals cannot do without. The whiteboards you will find four selections available on the current market melamine and Offered on the market can be discerned depending on surfaces utilized on these boards, painted steel or aluminum, ceramic enamel and hard coat laminate on steel.

Interactive Whiteboards


In this type of Whiteboard, a paper that is resin is used across the surface that could be a particle board or a medium density fiber board. These boards can be found with a number of them keeping the residue of the erased marking resulting in a phenomenon that is called as ghosting, in various qualities. The board is one of the kinds of whiteboards available on the industry and is utilized in many of applications that are none.

Painted aluminum or steel

The type of Whiteboard that is available on the marketplace is steel plank or the aluminum. The surface is smoother and is easy to erase since the surface is painted. The surface on the steel or aluminum whiteboard has layers of coatings. The base coat is white in color and the coating that is the erase element, is referred to as the performance coating that is obvious. Some of the top quality painted steel or aluminum whiteboards have exceptional properties with some of the highest quality boards allowing the consumer. Since the surface is coated, care and extreme caution needs to be taken when using the board and keeping it, because it is very likely to have scratches.

Hard coat laminate

The hardcoat laminate Whiteboard is another kind of board that provides. Dependent on the character of the material uses, a number of these boards are resistant to stains and they are less porous.

Porcelain enamel on steel

The porcelain enamel on steel surface whiteboard is quite durable and the quality Pentel whiteboard that is available on the market. These boards are very much in demand these days as they are not vulnerable to scratches and are durable. The porcelain enamel on steel surface is magnetic and it does not absorb ink from a marker or the whiteboard marker ink. Cleaning this surface is very simple and all you will need to use is a cleaner. The majority of the porcelain enamel on steel surface whiteboards has a lifetime warranty on them making them the solution for schools, schools and offices.